The Importance Of Gender Studies

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Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the multifaceted interaction of gender with other identity markers for example race, ethnicity, sexuality, nation, and religion. Femininity and masculinity are such a basic form of social organization that the operation often passes unnoticed. Feminist scholarship shows that traditional categories used for social analysis and their associated interpretive approaches frequently reinforce gender hierarchies and inequalities
Interdisciplinary study came forth in reaction to the partial answers to social problems provided by the disciplines. This looks at concepts of gender and power, gender and the body, and gender and knowledge through a sequence of topics such as freedom and liberty, social movements, work with leisure, politics of social justice in addition to sexual violence.
We are surrounded by gender tradition from the time we are young. It is always there in our conversations, humour, and conflict, and it explains it all from driving styles to food preferences. Gender is embedded so meticulously in our institutions, our behaviour, our values, and our desires, that it appears to us to be entirely natural. The world pours with ideas about gender and these ideas are so common that we take it for granted that they are true, accepting them as a scientific fact. It is our job to look beyond than what appears to be common sense to not simply find what truth might be behind it, but how it became to be common sense.
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