The Importance Of Genes In The Environment

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The environment has lost the battle round. When it comes to Nature and Nurture we can all agree that they have been in the battlefield for way too long. Psychologists and scientists have been working their fingers to the bones to find an answer yet some might say “well, why even bother?” Well , I believe that it’s crucial to identify what inspires humans development in order to create an impact and lead a person to the right path in life. In my opinion, Genes have a bigger role in the human development than environment. The effect of genes is astonishing in our personalities, intelligence and talent.
Genes are one of the important factors that shape our personalities. I almost certain that some people would argue that siblings have similar genes yet they have at times
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I believe that this belief is wrong. Although siblings might have minor differences in the environment, they don’t share exactly the same genes which suggest that the differences in their personality traits are due to their genes not the environment. Researchers from Edinburgh University support this statement with their study of more than 800 sets of identical and non-identical twins. You may be wondering about the reason they chose to study twins in particular. To clear things up for you, they chose to study twins because although almost all twins share the same home environment, identical twins in particular share exactly the same genetics. The results of this study show that identical twins were twice as likely as non-identical twins to have the same personality traits which proves that their DNA was having the greatest impact (2012).This doesn’t mean that you have identical personality traits to your parents or siblings. Because our personality traits lay in our genes, we
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