Genetics: Positive And Negatively Influence Our Lives

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Genetics lay the groundwork for how our bodies will adapt and forge into themselves throughout our lifetimes. Therefore, the health of family members in our lineage before us greatly influences our health today. My given genetics affect numerous of my daily activities and play an important role in determining who I am. When I am working out, my ability to build muscle mass is partially dependent upon my mother and fathers potential, and their potential is dependent upon their mother and fathers. The relativity of genetics is just as important of a health factor as diet, exercise, and mental health. By understanding the genes and experiences of those before us, we can play a role in enabling our bodies to a healthy future.
Through my research, I found that my family’s gene pool is
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My paternal grandfather exercises daily and my father is decent athlete, but no one else in my family pedigree has truly engulfed themselves in the sport as much as I have. While I am just beginning, I can already tell it is something I will be doing for the rest of my life. However, the negative wear and tear on my body is starting to be felt and makes me nervous for my future. My mother has early-onset rheumatoid arthritis and I believe I am starting to experience some of her early signs. According to the Arthritis Foundation signs of rheumatoid arthritis include morning soreness joint pain, which I currently both have. I have talked with my mom about possible solutions and one day I might have to use a medication to reduce joint pain. Her method of therapy is exercise, which according to the Arthritis Foundation can be very beneficial to delay and even prevent joint issues. Beneficial exercise include stretching, yoga, weight training, and cardio. Through my mom’s knowledge of her own health and through the studies by medical professionals I can do what I enjoy and know its beneficial for me now and
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