The Importance Of Geography And Exploration

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Geography and Exploration have affected the world and our society in many different ways. I believe Geography and Exploration both have contributed to the fact that Europeans are today seen as part of the most developed countries. This is because of the geographical luck Europeans had since the beginning, according to the Guns Germs and Steel theory, the explorations and the columbian exchange giving Europeas the possibility to ameliorate their technology and establish trade, and the fact that Europeans exploited other tribes, becoming rich on the local’s costs. A Theory called Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond says that Geographical luck is the reasons why Europeans are more developed today. Jared Diamond believes that the success of…show more content…
Therefore, they were able to obtain a head start towards other countries, regarding technology such as weapons or transport possibilities. When the Ottoman empire expanded throughout mediterranean areas, important trade routes from Europe to Asia were cut off. Due to economic pressure, Europe was forced to find an alternative route which was easier to do since they already had the means to explore. Arriving in the Americas and Africa with and imperialistic view, thinking they were superior, Europeans started exploiting the locals, becoming richer and richer on other people’s backs. Although Exploration and Geography have hugely contributed to Europe’s stand in society today, they are not the only factors defining how developed a country is. Geographical luck does not define how developed a country becomes. It depends how well a country makes use of it’s resources. An example is Norway vs. Russia. Both countries have innumerable amount of natural Resources, such as Oil, Coal, Uranium Ore or Gas in the case of Russia and petroleum, hydroelectric power, and fisheries in the case of Norway, but their economies are very different, inter alia due to how they make use of their Resources. Norway has a yearly GDP per capita of $14,818, compared to Norway with a GDP of approximately $53,269. Although many countries grew richer and richer on the local’s cost, colonization has not guaranteed a country 's long term wealth or development. Wealth only explains how developed a country is or becomes to a specific extend. Spain was very involved in exploration and colonization, and it’s wealth did not last. Another example is Portugal and Angola with their reversal of Roles. Portugal used to exploit Angolans, while now, many Portuguese go to Angola to work. Geographic Luck and exploration alone do not guarantee a country 's development. Some countries became as developed as they are today because of Inventions,
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