The Importance Of George Milton In Of Mice And Men

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George Milton is a small man with deep morals and is one of the most important characters in the novel Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck. George is a typical lonesome man living in the Great Depression that migrates from ranch to ranch to find a place of work. However, his friendship with Lennie makes him different than the other men. George faces many consequences from befriending Lennie and with his presence, George is unable to maintain a job without having any trouble or messes to clean up. Readers should be more compassionate toward George because of his relationship with Lennie; George sacrifices his personal wants, has to correct Lennie’s mistakes and eventually has to come to terms with the ultimate sacrifice. George is a knowledgeable man who has the opportunity to create a simple easy going life for himself. However, throughout the novel he remains loyal to Lennie and sacrifices his success of an improved…show more content…
He has to hinder as many accidents as he can that are provoked by Lennie. For instance, George had to tell Lennie not to converse with anyone when meeting their new boss (23). However, Lennie is a fractious grown man and despite his puerile behavior, he should be able to speak for himself. George is always hanging over Lennie’s shoulder like a paranoid parent because he knows Lennie is always up to no good. George has caught Lennie with something that he should not have had on multiple occasions. For example, there was once a mouse in his pocket and one time, a puppy with him on his bunk (43). George does a good job of protecting Lennie when needed. For example, George knew Curley’s wife was going to cause trouble, so he warned Lennie to not talk to her (32). The accident involving Curley’s wife was Lennie’s fault for not listening to George and behaving as he did. He caused George to have to make a tough decision that could have been avoided for the time
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