The Importance Of Girl Child Education

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The Importance of Girl-Child Education on Economic Development of a Country.
It is a generally established fact that the core indicator to economic development and advancement of any country is the level of its citizen educational improvement (Abbagana 2013). The function education plays in enhancing the lives of people accelerate its economic development. The quality and availability of education available to the girl-child is a determinant in the developmental pace of a country (Nwakego, 2014).
Education is a key factor in any country’s economic and infrastructural development especially in the 21st century; it is the key factor that empowers its people and build up national growth. Of the concluding Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) of
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The education of the girl-child today is very important as it does contribute immensely to national development and societal excellence. The education of all (EFA) agenda also primarily emphasises the imperativeness of the girl-child education and empower her for great exploit.
However, in recent times, the girl-child education has become a very important globally agenda, especially among developed countries towards the developing countries across the globe where the right of a girl-child is always violated, the deprivation of education to the girl-child in some societies are based on their traditional, religious or cultural ideologies whereby the female child is not entitle to education as a fellow male counterpart.
The education of the girl dated back into the centuries before now has been quite an unpleasant issue to the girl-child, the girl –child irrespective of her age, is not given the same privilege as the male child, it was generally believed then that the girl-child education is insignificant as their lives always ends in the kitchen as house wives and mother so educating them will be a waste of resources and
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The negative impact of lack of educating the girl-child today in Nigeria for examples has gone a long way in the high rate of child and mother mortality, low productivity from the female counterpart and many more. The result of this neglect has resulted in the declining nature of economic growth, most society where there is no investment in the education of the girl-child pay the price for their neglect in terms of slower growth and income reduction. (Balatchandrane,
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