The Importance Of Girl Power

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I believe the purpose of college is to prepare me for a good, well- paying job when I graduate. As David Leonhardt states in his article, “ It college worth it? Clearly, New Data Say,” “Discouraging some teenagers from going to college ...”. Since I came from a family background that girls are always on the bottom and can’t get out of the line to cross boys. My brothers are not supporting on whatever I do. No matter how hard I try and make them proud. Sometime when I look at their faces they seem happy that I succeed but they are not happy that they can’t do the same. They almost said no to me about coming to college for four years. Based on what I read on Girl Power “ Malala, a smart young girl, started noticing that women in her country were being suppressed because of their gender”. Taliban control in Swat Valley that time and didn’t allow girl to go outside or go to school. Malala speak up and she got shot on her head on her way back to home from school. She got shot on October 9, 2012 and went to England to get surgery. After she was recover, she saw how many girls from all over the world are supporting her. She was happy and start giving speech. She won Nobel Peace Prize on October 10, 2014. I believe that since we all have head between two shoulders we should treat each other equally there is no different between girl and boy we all are the same. They think that I am going to act bad in college and not doing what I am suppose to do. Sometime I am sad that I got
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