The Importance Of Girls Education

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Is your education important to you? Could you imagine if it was taken from you? What if one day you were told that you had to stop going to school? What if you never even got to experience school? There are people in other countries who don’t go to school. More specifically, there are many girls in other countries who don’t get to go to school. Many girls in other countries are denied education. That is a main right that is taken from girls. Many boys get to go to school, yet, many girls are still denied education. As a result, there are not many people in school. The right that is taken from girls is their education.

Boys get to go to school

Many girls’ education is taken from them. Many girls don’t go to school. According to, “The Story
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According to the article, “The Facts About Girls Education,” there are sixty-five million girls that are not in school. That is a lot. Girls should be allowed to go to school around the world no matter what. The article also states that, “two-thirds of the 79 million illiterate adults in the world are female.” This fact show how many girls don’t get to go to school. This is not good that this many girls don’t get to go to school. Everyone should go to school. Not just boys. That is unfair to many of the girls around the world. Everyone should be educated because if you are not educated then you can’t teach others. The article also states that, “an educated mother is more than twice as likely to send her children to school,” but there are many people who are not educated. Those people probably won’t send their children to school, which means that there will be even more uneducated people around the world. The article, “Girls education-the facts,” states that, “young women make up 58% of those not completing primary school.” That is a lot of women who don’t have education. All women should be educated. It is not fair to girls that boys go and get educated, but they have to stay back and watch. If they don’t go to school when they are young it will probably be harder to learn and do every day things when they are older. Girls around the world should be aloud to learn, and many of them should be aloud to go to
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