The Importance Of Giving Up During The Holocaust

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Giving up in a perilous situation can be the easy way out. It's like taking a nap after a long day, except you die. After being put down and berated so much it can make you feel worthless and give up. When it others don't care about you, it's easy to not care about yourself. The conditions and situations the victims of the Holocaust were so extreme that it wasn't uncommon for someone to give up and just want to die.

In situations like the Holocaust, death is common. When death is common, it can feel like it could happen to you at any time. During these times it could be from illness, nourishment, dehydration, or even an officer shooting you. There were many ways to die during the Holocaust, making it quite easy to give up and drop dead. Without a strong will, one would not
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When you do everything you can to save something or do something and it fails, that can be pretty discouraging. It can make you feel like you can't make a difference. During the Holocaust, there was not much you could do to save yourself or others. In the Concentration Camps, it was life or death, failing could mean your own life is taken.

Lastly, when put in those conditions and treated so poorly, you begin to think all hope is lost. When someone truly thinks that there is no way out of a situation, one solution can be to give up. Giving up is not exactly easy, but it most commonly occurs when that person no longer cares about the outcome and feels worthless. The circumstances can be so bad that you may even think dying might be better than living through it. When someone treats you like dirt and doesn't care about you, it's hard to care about yourself.

Giving up can be easy if all odds are stacked against you. Everybody gets discouraged from failure and bad situations. During the Holocaust the odds stacked against the victims were so high that it wasn't hard, or uncommon, to give up even your own
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