The Importance Of Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park was the world 's first International Peace Park and is called the "Crown of the Continent." Glacier National Park is located in the northwest corner of Montana, where two opposing air masses, the Arctic Continental and the Pacific Maritime, control Glacier 's climate. The Going To The Sun Road is a must see for all visitors to the park. Some effects of climate change are strikingly clear; glacier recession is underway, and many of the park 's glaciers have already disappeared. In Glacier National Park visitors find an array of plants and animals, learn geological and scientific facts, are able to participate in an abundance of activities, and have the opportunity to visit historical places that are breathtaking.…show more content…
A series of ice ages covered the land; massive valley glaciers cut away the land and exposed these colossal sedimentary rocks. The beautiful landscapes that people see in the park today are the result of the last ice age, which occurred about 10 to 12 thousand years ago. Some of the best preserved Proterozoic sedimentary rocks in the world are found in Glacier National Park. Remains of the earliest identified animal on earth were found in these rocks; it is over 1 billion years old. The oldest rocks in the park indicate that they were deposited before life existed on earth. There was no evidence of life, plant, or…show more content…
These climates cause all plants and animals residing in the park to adapt to their differing conditions. The park is home to grasses, ferns, trees, wildflowers, lichens, mushrooms, and mosses. All of these plants withstand the ever-changing weather with ease. They have all adapted to survive in such a hostile environment. Along with plants, many different species of animals are found in the park as well. An estimated 71 species of mammals call Glacier home. Fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and birds are all also present in the park. These animals are a mix of native and invasive species. Many people have not encountered a majority of these animals and when they do witness them it is quite a surprise. (Reservation, n.d.) All in all, Glacier National Park is a great experience for young and old. The park is an exceptional historical and ecological park; much can be learned from it. It is ridden with various kinds of plants and animals never before seen too many. Therefore, curiosity takes over a person 's perception. The park is a vast area full of diversity in mother nature; night and day differences can be discovered. Glacier is a monument to the country that all people should encounter. If you are missing your sense of adventure and wonder, Glacier National Park is the place to go to reclaim it. (Bramante,

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