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I plan to master in Global Business Administration and conduct research on the effects of how globalization impacts the global economy and how cultures can be an important determinant in how businesses operate. Our economic development will forever be defined by our ability to succeed internationally. The domestic companies that are seeing growth are not only doing business internationally, but are developing strategic skills to master doing business across cultures. Cross-cultural competence is the backbone to sustainable competitive advantage. Culture has many definitions, but it is everywhere and impacts our reactions and decision-making abilities relative to everyday circumstances. It is not possible to be an expert on all the world’s cultures.…show more content…
As a FSO, I would apply for employment to work for the US embassy in South Korea. FSO’s are expected to uphold the values and goals of the American government, in addition to promoting international peace and stability.In order to become a Foreign Service Office there are a number of required examinations that I would need to pass, before being eligible to work for the United States’ State Department, however I plan to use my skills and knowledge from my studies and work-experience to pass the exams. I want to specifically become an Economics Officer whose duties are to serve as a liaison with foreign government representatives on foreign and domestic issues related to technology, economic development and trade negotiations. In order to be an Economics Officer, it is very important to have a strong background in understanding how businesses operate internationally through trade, network, and how businesses contribute to economic growth. Studying Global Business Administration is much more practical and versatile for my intended career path. Through my studies, I want to be able to think narrowly from a businesses’ perspective and broadly from a global perspective. The ability to think from different perspectives is very important when facilitating trade negotiations or talks between…show more content…
However, I understand the competitive nature of Korean companies, and I am open to other opportunities. Whether I work for a Korean company in the United States or work in Korea afterwards, I would like to experience Korean work culture. Korean companies are known to be very community oriented, hierarchical and based on seniority. This type of work ethic has propelled Korea’s development and chaebol conglomerates. Due to Korea’s success and charm, many foreigners are looking for employment in South Korea. However, there are few jobs for foreigners in Korea besides teaching English or working in the restaurant industry. I think this has to do with the lack of Korean language skills that foreigners possess.Yet, as companies continue to globalize, Korean work culture may have to become more inclusive to foreigners, especially women. As a foreigner, and as a women, I want to be a part in pioneering this new form of inclusiveness. I would be able to apply my intended Master’s research pragmatically. After gaining business experience, I want to work towards becoming a Foreign Service Officer. I understand that life is unpredictable and I might find myself in a different career path or direction than I originally intended.

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