The Importance Of Global Citizenship

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Global Citizenship is a massive thing to comprehend, on the other hand, it is a simple thing to be (Or wannabe, if this is more affected). Everybody can say that they are a global citizen, they are people of the world. But not everybody worth to be or should select to be. Someone struggles and attempts to be an excellent person. Just to get more respect and more fatefulness from others. They overlooked the most important thing and the most common thing to do, respect to be respected Nowadays, we can say that our world is so diverse and everyone has their own identity, for instance, sexual diversity, religious diversity, ethnic diversity, moreover is attitude diversity. Different of attitude able to make a web to connect to other different. However, I suppose that is the only way to eliminate the trouble of difference is open- minded and attitude adjustment, just meet each other in the halfway to develop this world. Because this is 2017, nobody wants to be a friend or associate with a frog under the coconut shell. Open your mind to face something fresh, something new. You just go out and meet somebody who contrasts to you, for example, If you racist black people all of your lifetime, why you do not try to listen to them or try to be their friend. Racism is not a right way to do in this age, and it is a dumb way to die. From the above, the problem is not only with people but as well as government. Why do government not want refugees? The reason is they think that refugees
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