The Importance Of Global Education

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The concept of global education has taken on great significance in education systems around the world. Many ministries are have restructured their curriculum to introduce incremental, yet significant changes in their education systems. The traditional expectations of schools to inculcate the values and norms of society (Sadovnik, Cookson, & Semel, 2013) have been pushed towards developing the critical literacy of students to meet the rapid economic, social, technological, and environmental changes in the 21st century and beyond (Bell, 2016). Consequently, student preparation by way of education is geared towards employment in this current global economy. The current trajectory points to a negative future; from the degradation of the environment to increasing poverty and high-stakes testing, academic scholars argue that current education systems are failing our children. Instead, advocacy is in favour of a transformative education system that will lead to sustainability. This discourse will address the emergence of the global curriculum, as well as shed light on sustainable education systems and transformative pedagogies in the classroom.
According to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), education for sustainable development cannot be achieved through political regimes or technological solutions but rather through changing the way we think and act (UNESCO, 2017). As leaders of the cause, UNESCO (2017) states that education for

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