The Role Of Global Warming In Antarctica

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Our earth is getting hotter and hotter every day because of global warming. People today are always not thinking about us, the future generation. Our earth is getting warmer every day. And all of us are not aware of this; as an individual, I always think of what will happen to us humans one day.

Antarctica, the coldest continent on earth will start melting down slowly; our earth is getting destroyed in front of us. And we’re not doing anything about it. Antarctica has a lot of animals that live there; the polar bears and penguins, are mostly found in Antarctica. Antarctica is a beautiful place, we should take more care of it because it has amazing things.

One of the main reasons why global warming is happening is because we burn fossil fuels. Burning Fossil fuels and oil is very harmful to our atmosphere; fossils fuels release carbon when they are burned. The more carbon we release the more global warming we have. We need fossil fuels to heat our houses and we need them for energy.
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In the 1960 's women would use multiple cans of hairspray to volume up their hairs; the more volume it has the better it will look. since these chlorofluorocarbons substances have a lot of carbon, the carbon causes global warming. Two scientists learned and researched about chlorofluorocarbons and found out that it causes global warming and it ruins the ozone layers. these two scientists directly gathered all the governments around the world and they banned those
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