The Importance Of Globalization A Blessing

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Globalization is a Blessing People nowadays are able to interact and communicate with people from different countries all over the world because of technology. They become more aware of the new trends across countries, and they are easily educated because information dissemination has been made easier. Not only did technology made the lives of people effortless and more convenient, technology also enhanced the world 's exchange of products, ideas, certain cultural aspects, and the like. This process is called globalization. James (2014) defines globalization as the process of interaction between people from one country to another and how they exchange goods, ideas, and culture and integrate different governments across national boundaries. This process is driven by international trade and investment and is associated with information technology which makes such interchange possible (James, 2014). Hamdi (2015) also defines globalization as the process of economic, political and cultural integration worldwide. Through globalization, the borders between countries are broken down and the development of transport and communication technology has tremendously increased overtime. In this regard, globalization significantly affects the environment, the political system, and the economic development and prosperity of countries all over the world. Through intensified flows brought about by globalization, spatial and social reforms are changed (Tsygankov, 2009). In light of this,

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