The Importance Of Globalization And Migration

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The discussions of globalization and migration proccesses have become topics which are in the great demand. Especially with the development of information and technology and the form of global economy, the global affairs have become more and more complicated.Nowadays, such topic is absolutely actual, because the contemporary world obtains benefits from it as well as faces issues,which are directly connected with proccesses of globalization and migration.This essay will argue that contemporary globalization will raise issues in the traditional social and religious aspects between different nations and states. Globalization is the proccess of international integration,which infers the free movement of people,products and ideas and…show more content…
The general position is that the positive sides of globalization outweigh the economic and social costs through the achieving higher efficiency and by providing GDP growth in underdeveloped countries. Although there is opposition to globalization from religious and social activists, proponents argue that the lifestandards are postively impacted by the widespread availability of global goods, services, and ideas.Despite of these facts,analytics state that due to globalization the immigrant laws are expected to be facilitated,because it attracts the number of workers on the market and stabilizes economy. As it has been seen,the globalization has made the planet more equal. As communication becomes cheaper and transport gets faster, the gap with rich-world counterparts has been closed by developing countries. But within many developing economies, the story is less rosy: inequality has increased. The Gini index is one measure of inequality,which is based on a score between zero and one. A Gini index of one means a country’s entire income goes to one person; a score of zero means the spoils are equally divided. Sub-Saharan Africa saw its Gini index rise by 9% between 1993 and 2008. China’s score soared by 34% over…show more content…
A number of people, who are emigrating from one country to another one,carry the threat of dissapearence of certain types of nations because of being mixed.On the one hand,the government which does not accept the policy of mass-migrants preserves the majority of nations who identify themselves as belonging to a certain state,on the other hand,it risks to be accused of race-discrimination and protest groups are expected to appear on the streets.In this case, such attitude from the government can lead to the conflicts,which are based on religious or national aspects, between citizens.Therefore,the government has to establish compomise regulations to eliminate the appearance of clash between people.The appropriate Peter Berger’s epigraph was given in book 'The negative side to globalization is that it wipes out entire economic systems and in doing so wipes out the accompanying

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