The Importance Of Globalization And Nationalism

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Globalization and Nationalism
The concept of globalization has improved rapidly in the recent past. Globalization is a process of integration and interaction of people, economy, culture, trade around the world. Nationalism is a philosophy that shows how a personal devotion and loyalty to their nation surpasses other personal interest. Historically people have a special attachment to their home of birth, their forefathers and parents culture. Globalization has increasingly exposed our lives to each other. It has enhanced solidarity, sympathy, and tolerance among people leaving in the different part of the world. Globalization is also a process of unifying the people around the world into a single society so as to work as a unit (Roudometof,
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Violent religious extremism has become a global menace, terrorist attacks conducted by Al-Qaeda in the United States’ Washington DC and New York in September 2001, Isis terror group in Syria and Iraq, the Al Shabaab and Boko Haram in Africa has brought more suffering to the inhabitants of the host countries. Today, violent extremism is identified as exploitative and violent global movement than a radical religious ideology (Baylis & Owen, 2017). The impact of these terrorist attacks has been witnessed in almost all continents. The importance of explaining the prevalence of global terrorism and violent religious extremism lies within these three aspects, religion, culture and economics. Terrorism groups can now access sophisticated propaganda medium like twitter, face-book and you-tube. A decade ago were limited to the primitive typed…show more content…
It has also promoted the feeling of insecurity among citizens of different nation through increase in proliferation of dangerous weapons like nuclear bombs. Globalization also leads to the loss of national identity and national culture through Migration (Conversi, 2014). This loss of national identity is the main cause for the increase in xenophobic attacks in many countries. The sovereignty of a nation is sometimes infringed by the international organization such as International Monetary Funds (IMF), World bank and World Trade Organization which can sometimes make decision that will influence the governance and operations of given countries, thereby losing their financial nationalism and sovereignty.

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