Ethnocentrism In Anthropology

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Globalization has always changed anthropology. It’s important to note that anthropology became an important field of study during the 19th Century, at the same time that globalization had an exponential growth (Guest, 2014, p. 20). However, nowadays with the huge rise of technology the world is more connected than it was a few years ago, completely changing the way that anthropologists look at cultures and society. It is not enough to understand how local communities work by themselves, but also how they adapt to new traditions and ideas brought with migrants or that accessed through technology.

It’s because of this that anthropologists need to be able to organize this ever-changing blast of information that affects everyone’s lives. Which
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And while there are designers and studios out there that do try to counter the ideals of a superior culture, ethnocentrism is a powerful tool that has been used by designers for the last hundred years. Examples of this can be seen in propaganda used for WWI and WWII, where poster campaigns were used as resources to get people to sign in to go to war, like the “I Want You For U.S Army” poster done by James Montgomery Flagg. Or another example could be seen in the highly innovative poster design done in the USSR to promote communism, and seeing its success, would be one of the most powerful tools the government would have to influence and promote its agente to their society for many years (“35 Communist Propaganda Posters”,…show more content…
This is especially important when there is a need to make a project feel “user-friendly”, because without realizing what the market needs are there wouldn’t be an effective way to develop a project. Which is why a lot of user experience projects, tend to have very heavy phases of research and prototyping where user testing in different circumstances is essential for the project to move along and actually be highly
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