The Importance Of Globalization In Japan

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This time is called the age of globalization because doing something it 's been helped by the ease of and developments which significantly in various fields. Globalization can be interpreted as a specific phenomenon in human civilization that is always moving in the global community and part of the global human processes it. The existence of the information technology and communications technology accelerates the process of globalization. Globalization encompasses the entire important aspects of life. Globalization creates new problems and challenges that have to be answered, broken in an attempt capitalize on globalization for the benefit of life. In this era of globalization can affect the development of social culture on a people. In the…show more content…
Japan is a culture that is rich in culture and its uniqueness. One of Japan 's cultural influence in the country Indonesia is Manga and Anime. The manga or the same meaning with comics in the language of Indonesia is a medium in which there is a set of images that contain stories that are an assortment of variations. Usually the manga is printed in black and white colors and sometimes there are some sections which are printed in color. In Japan, manga magazine printed in regular-size of the phone book and often consist of a variety of stories to be continued on the next episode. While the anime is the animated production Japan featuring the animated image results via hand or computer. The term anime is a language of United Kingdom origin i.e. animation. Japan animation that is generally characterized by colourful graphics, characters who are eager, sometimes the desired meaning vary depending of the context are discussed. With the large number of manga and anime lovers gave rise to the idea of someone to better play the character in a story that is by air-cosplay. Cosplay are Costume and Play, which means someone will wear makeup and clothes such as cartoons, comics, fairy tale, this is a great costume game people will use such a character and costume dress up games, anime, cartoon movies, and musicians also the idol or

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