The Importance Of Globalization

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There is no doubt that globalization, as suggested by the numerous business magazines, periodicals on the international market or simply from newspapers, has become increasingly important in this last decade, diversifying itself in nature and direction from the past centuryi. However, before analyzing the aspects and to acknowledge the main aspects that diversify the 20th century from the beginning of the new millennium, it is appropriate to ask, albeit briefly, what is globalization. The phenomenon is difficult to identify, define and measure, and when it 's attempted, most of times it is spontaneously evoked the economic worldide size, the international trade, or the main financial marketsii.
Generally it could be roughly described as "the growth of integration between regions, societies and cultures: the increase of interdependence, exchanges and communications which, at the current stage, tend to spread through the whole planet to build up one single entity"iii.
In addition, although several consider this gradual global integration a recent phenomenon, it is something much older: in fact, according to the economist Amartya Sen globalization can not be reduced as a mere impulse of the West, but actually it was precisely globalization, in thousands of years, which has contributed to the progress of the world through travels, trades, migrations and the diffusion of culturesiv.
Having now given a shy, but safer shape to this worldwide event it is worth pointing out what
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