The Importance Of God In Greek Mythology

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Through Greek mythology we have one God who was the ruler, Zeus. Zeus is the bringer of justice and civilization. He is also known as the “Father of Gods and men”. This God has more power than any of the other Gods ever had. He was not born with the power of lightening either. It was given to him. The setting for all of this is in Athens, Greece. In theory Zeus was born 700BC. Of course that is just in theory though. Also, with research Zeus, again in theory, did not die. People just stopped believing in him with the rise of Christianity. This was during a time when people did not have an explanation for natural disasters. They just naturally assumed that there was evil that had to be corrected and the gods were putting their wrath on the humanity. Many moments, from volcanic eruptions to a worldwide flood were caused by gods that are angry according to the Greeks. With people not knowing how things naturally occurring, they would blame small things like droughts to over abundance of water on the gods. Also with the reoccurring natural disasters were to the blame of the gods. Incidents that had to do with weather were from Zeus. Weather is what controlled a person’s life according to the books of research.
“Zeus was the king of the Olympian gods and the supreme deity in Greek religion. Often referred to as the Father, as the god of thunder and the ‘cloud-gatherer’, he controlled the weather, offered signs and omens and generally dispensed justice, guaranteeing order
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