The Importance Of God In The Pledge Of Allegiance

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Approximately 1.5% of citizens in the United States do not have a specific religion or none at all. Due to the fact of people that are in the U.S. are not just based on a single god status, but either multiple or none at all would be irrational to generalize without facts. Are there more people who believe in one god than others being the minority? Sure, but why should the minority be neglected, and stuck being forced to acknowledge if there is to be one. The pledge is a perfect example of this, in the modern version it is mandatory to state that we are under God and that there is one to begin with. This would go against the first amendment of freedom of religion, it also goes against the original pledge where there was no recognition of a…show more content…
The enforced observance of God in the Pledge of Allegiance is an enforcement of religion and to reenact an appeal of what is to be considered truthful.

There is a tendency through some Americans stating how they have the right to freedom of religion, which is true, but they tend to forget that there are other people in this world than justness of a world of one god. The first amendment is “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech. . .” Which explicitly states that Congress is not allowed to do something mandatory, that is, towards the statement of any religion or none of. Yet, it was the Congress who input the words “under god” into the Pledge, but they still do not stop to consider the message to the children, which is to force the child to at least acknowledge that there is a god. This leads the child most of the time to have a belief that there is a god without being told of the multiple options there are for what they want to believe in. While the Pledge is for the most part patriotic there is no doubt in my mind that those words [under God] are patriotic at all when it violates our constitution. It
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