The Importance Of God's Prayer In The Bible

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Furthermore, God’s will is mentioned in the prayer to emphasize not the works of the disciples but ultimately to glorify God for orchestrating all things and being the ultimate provider. It is petitioning for His will to be done on earth so that it is His will that empowers and enables people to follow his commands to love one’s enemies and to also pray for them (Hinkle, 2002). The following words ‘daily bread’ in the Lord’s prayer signify not only food but includes every need of a person and the word ‘debts’ refer to the sins of human nature (Tolar, ). Asking God for the daily provisions, for forgiveness and delivering from one’s enemy are petitions directly to God to grant those who are praying for each prayer request to be answered. Jesus is teaching his followers to ask God with complete trust in His faithfulness so that they are empowered to abide by Jesus’ precepts in his sermon and not rely on their own strength (Hinkle, 2002).

III. Objective of righteous life (Matt 6:16 - 7:12)
Additionally, Jesus puts the emphasis on the essence of one’s worship to God by urging his followers to have a sincere and honest heart when
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Rather than being anxious over the material needs, Jesus proclaims to put all their trust in God in Matt 6:26. Knowing that his followers have the proneness to worry, he teaches them the futility of being anxious as it does not help to resolve any issue. As the provider of all things, Jesus asks his followers to put their faith and trust in God, the ultimate provider of all their needs and to put him as their primary priority for everything comes from him (Tolar, ). There is freedom when one places all their trust and faith in God for all necessities and through this deep trust, there is the acknowledgement that material things can create distractions of a heart that is set on God

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