Why College Is Important Essay

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College is important to my family and me for many reasons. One major reason is money related. We have living in the same house for almost 15 years now because we do not have enough money to move out. My mom always wanted a dream house, but we do not have enough money. My parents have simple jobs that only give them enough to provide for us. The main reason why college is important, is because I want to learn enough for me to get a high paid job so that my parents can move out. I want to buy them a new house since our house now is falling apart. Another reason why I want to go to college is to learn new skills. I love to learn new things and do lots of activities in school. College will give me the opportunity to join many clubs and
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One way is to be very organized. I learned every year how to be organized and I learned new techniques to improve. AVID helped me significantly to be organized. I feel like organization is a key to college because if I was not organized, it will be hard for me to find my assignments and I do not think I will do well. All my teachers love my binders because it is neat, organized, and easy for them to find assignments. Another reason why I am prepared for college is because I have learned many skills from my English teacher Mrs. Maroulis about what to expect in college. Because of her class, I learned how to write good college essays, write resumes, learned what to do and not to do in college, and improved my learning so that I was able to do college level education. The last reason how Aspire helped me prepare for college is allowing me to take college level classes at school. This is a major reason because if I did not take college classes, I do not think I will be able to understand what is expected for college, how I would be able to study for tests, and how to take college seriously. My first college class was okay since I ended the class was a B. However, this class made me learn what to expect from college classes and I ended getting mostly all
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