The Importance Of Going To College

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It’s pretty crazy how so much can change over a short span of time. People, places, relationships, perspectives. It’s been a year since I began college at Syracuse University and as I sit in my bedroom back home in Bombay and reflect on the past one year, I have a bag full of memories and experiences. Good and bad of course, because what would life be without a few bumps right? I definitely think that going to college was a significant milestone in my life because I’m an only child and the first person in my family getting an education abroad. Looking back at freshman year of college, it’s been one seemingly endless roller coaster ride that’s taught me so much. For better and for worse, but more for the better, I see myself as an independent, more mature individual capable of making my own decisions. It was during this experience, where I met some of my best friends, lost friends, been broke, and felt home sick like never before. College helped me discover myself and it is then when I realized how weak I actually was. Being so far away from home, away from my family was one of the scariest feelings. But, it also made me stronger…show more content…
Looking at things from a wider perspective really made me change the way I see things. It helped be become more open to change. I’m not fully there yet and have a long way to go, but I’m getting there. I was in a better place in my second semester of college, surrounded by people who really helped me push myself up again. I started feeling happy again, but of course I would have my moments occasionally. I believe that things happen for a reason and even though that time was horrible, I’m glad i went through it, because more than anything I learned from it. It helped me change as a person, a better person who realized that there are more important things in life than
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