The Importance Of Golden Rule In Society

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Societies in America today do not imply the Golden rule to their everyday lives. This rule explains the karma effect that whatever you do comes back around to either break or make you. This applies to every aspect of life. The main aspects are showing compassion, building relationships due to loyalty, and overall respecting others. These crucial characteristics allow for a better way of life and to overall become better human beings socially while being religiously by obeying one out of the ten commandments. The first reason why showing compassion relates to the Golden Rule is that once you are compassionate thats the first step for getting good blessing in return. An easy example to relate this to is ordering pizza. When it comes to this job it is seen as a secondary option in the business world, it isn’t usually a first preference. So when you have those that are less fortunate to have this job you must have kind feelings towards them if delivering pizza was there only option. You can make them feel appreciated by…show more content…
This word means to constantly have something at heart. In life most voids are filled with loving feelings for a companion. But sometimes it’s not always human love that can fill it. Katz from page 397 says, “sometimes i feel let down by people but never by dogs”(Katz 397). This explains that even when there isn’t human love you have room to love other things such as animals. Dogs are loyal and known as man’s best friends. This is a prime example, because animals feed off our energies they can sense good treatment which in return they grow to love you. This explains Grould theory “act towards others in a way that will result in the greatest possible good for all concerns” (Grould 96) which means the type of behaviour you show others they will be influenced physcologically to show to you. This is why having loyal and positively general feelings for a situation can turn out most times in your

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