The Importance Of Good Health

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Good health is the most valuable gift available to the mankind on this planet. Good health is an essential pre-requisite for the persistent and adequate functioning of an individual and a society. Health of an individual is a basic necessity for carrying out day to day activities. Physical non-wellbeing is a problem not only for an individual but also for a society. A sick person’s primary concern is to maintain physical wellbeing of his body. Other pursuits of life become secondary for him.
Therefore, as Rene DuBos (1981) explains, health can be defined as the ability to work. This does not mean that healthy people are free from all health problems; it means that they can function to the point that they can do what they want to do (Cockerham, 1986).
In twenty- first century, medical field is focused on the health problems of a person as a whole entity rather than in parts. Good health is the essence of a balanced relationship between mind, body, and social and physical environment.
What is the reason behind the sickness of an individual, what is the experience as being sick, and how this coping mechanism takes place? All of these questions cannot be answered without considering the prevailing social and cultural expectations of behavior. Nowadays to address the health disorders, the concern is about ‘problems in living’ in the form of social, psychological and cultural influences in addition to biological, physiological and pathological factors (Cockherham, 1986).
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