The Importance Of Good In School

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Many things motivate me to do well in school, one of which being the, or, more specifically, my future. While I’m not 100% sure what I want to do for a career, I do know that my choices now will have an impact on how that turns out. Good academics are vital when it comes to things like college and NHS. Another huge thing for me is my family - I always want to make my parents proud. They’ve been here for me since day one, and I want to thank them for all that they’ve done. And finally, I find myself an extremely important motivator in maintaining academic excellence. Not only do I want to make my parents proud, but myself as well. Succeeding in what I do always motivates me to do more.

In order to maintain this excellence, there are some personal costs. For example, I have less time for extracurricular activities such as certain clubs and playing sports. I’ve given up many things along these lines in order to make school my number one priority. I’ve also had to give up certain events - I love music. A lot of the artists I listen to are smaller, and therefore rarely visit nearby. When they do, it’s usually on a weeknight or another time where I’m unavailable due to school. I know that while these things are enjoyable, school is more important. My friends are in the same boat as music. I love them so much, but I’ve learned that keeping my mind set on school - not friends or social media - is best.

NJHS could help further encourage academic excellence at West Middle by having

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