My Motivation In School

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Many things motivate me to do well in school, one of which being the, or, more specifically, my future. While I’m not 100% sure what I want to do for a career, I do know that my choices now will have an impact on how that turns out. Good academics are vital when it comes to things like college and NHS. Another huge thing for me is my family - I always want to make my parents proud. They’ve been here for me since day one, and I want to thank them for all that they’ve done. And finally, I find myself an extremely important motivator in maintaining academic excellence. Not only do I want to make my parents proud, but myself as well. Succeeding in what I do always motivates me to do more. In order to maintain this excellence, there are some personal costs. For example, I have less time for extracurricular activities such as certain clubs and playing sports. I’ve given up many…show more content…
Not only in America, but all throughout the world, there are people who need help. If there’s no one to help them, how are they going to be happy? I believe that serving not only helps others, but also encourages them. Seeing someone raise money or help out in your community can easily motivate you to do the same. It also makes me happy to know that I am helping others. Right now is a difficult time in America. I feel that it is important for NJHS to acknowledge these issues by raising money and/or helping out the people who may be struggling. Immigrants, for example. Many minorities, including immigrants, are being denied fundamental rights. I know that NJHS as a single organization cannot fix this, but we can help in any way we can by protesting and letting people know that this behavior is not okay. I believe that we should look at who - or what - needs help, especially now. This should be our number one priority in regards to
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