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Manners are a way in which a thing is done or happens. There are good manners and bad manners, which can be used anytime and anywhere. If you have bad manners, you would have a bad result in the society and most likely, everybody would hate you. If you have good manners, you would have a positive effect, and everyone would talk nicely to you, also they will behave well with you. Everyone has good manners, but sometimes they forget to use it. Everyone is expected to respect elders. In good manners, you should always say thank you to the person who has done something for you. Also when someone such as, a waiter comes to give water, you should say thank you. If anyone is holding the door for you, you should say thank you. Also, if you
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Sometimes when you lie for something good it is not always considered a lie such as if a person got killed, a really close one and a little baby asks where did that person go and you said he/she is gone to India, that is mostly considered a truth because the kid should not know what happen to him/her. After when the kid grows a little older you can tell the truth to the kid what actually happened. Sometimes when honest thing hurts it is also not good to tell it out because it can hurt a lot of people. Mostly even if you did something wrong such as a murder, you should tell everyone and admit that you did purposely or accidently because truth is the best. One day or later the lie is going to come out. A person, who is honest, is always fearless and courageous. Also the person can face any situations in life with courage and confidence. Mostly people lie because of the desire for money. People like businessman’s think, that they can’t make good profit of money so they lie. Even if you cannot make a good profit, people just have to be patience because slowest and the honest person always wins the race. You should always tell the truth because money comes and goes; it never stays at a place. A man who always lies is hated by the society and the honest man even if he is poor he is loved by all. The person who is not honest is always fearful, immoral, and corrupt. The person who is honest is always the best and God appreciates him a

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