Reflective Essay On Good Writing

Good Essays
Growing up over the years I have thought of writing to be a very limited field. Limiting writing to only published books, magazines and writing my essays for school, but over the course of the last couple weeks I have learned otherwise. Having read the texts that were assigned in class and discussed them as a group, has really allowed me to see that there are more parts to writing than the actual task of writing and allowed me to form my own ideas of good writing. Although some people believe that grammar and spelling makes good writing, in actuality good writing is created through understanding the context, connecting with the audience and realizing the genre you are writing in.
The first of many parts of good writing is being able to understand
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The genre displays many parts of your papers characteristics such as tone, setting, vocabulary and any more, understanding the genre your writing is key to success. When writing in a specific genre there are many thing you need to pay attention to like the because different discourse communities have different conventions by which a new writer needs to abide in order to achieve success in what they write. A good understanding of genre will set the guidelines for what a writer needs to include in his paper based on the discourse community. Identifying the tone set by a discourse community is another thing one needs to be able to be successful in a discourse community. Using the appropriate vocabulary used in those communities as well as structuring the paper in the way that the discourse community will help you achieve success. Being able to distinguish between the different genres with in one discourse community is another thing to look out for, with in one there can be hundreds of writing genre. It is not uncommon for discourse communities to share genres that have the same criteria, even though the genre criteria is set the genre can be so broad that it is used in a lot of discourse communities. Genres that are shared thru discourse communities can also be seen as a way for discourse communities to communicate to one
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