The Importance Of Government Censorship

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“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of the nation, must begin by subduing the freedom of speech”, written in the Cato’s letter during the pre-revolution era (Gordon). It was to criticize the British political system. These ideas were so important for revolutionary political, it was even used as a reference in the draft of First Amendment (“Freedom of the Press”). Additionally, Cato’s letter considered “this sacred privilege [Freedom of Speech] is so essential to free government”, that it is the fundamental of a free nation; however, ideas such as government censorship has challenged the First Amendment throughout the years. How much power should the government have? Who and where can the government use its power? Is there any organization to keep the government in check? These are all questions that the nation is trying to address. Either way, as proven by history, government censorship is necessary; however, the limitation to its censoring power must be clear and a system to prevent the possible abuse of this power is crucial. Overall, censorship should exist only for speeches that contained clear and dangerous intent and information published by media that contained a true threat to national security. The word censorship is usually comprised of a negative connotation and many are opposed to this idea. In fact, many Americans believe the First Amendment will protect almost all censorship. For example, according to Harris Poll, 84% of American believe the
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