The Importance Of Government Corruption

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Corruption is one of the main problems of a government, but first, what is Corruption? Corruption is where the money was involved, when an authority more specifically the politicians abused their power for their own private interests and benefits. Public officials who act corruptively with their moral obligation to provide service for the government and the public. (Shera, Dosti & Gravoba, 2014) Does developed nations are secured from it? The answer is no, Corruption does not depend on the status of a government or country. Corruption can occur everywhere, whether a nation is under-developed, developing or developed. One effective way to eliminate or minimize Corruption is through implementing Transparency to the government. As described by all the government levels, Transparency and Accountability are the remedies for Corruption. (Leitao, 2016) So, what is a Government Transparency? Government Transparency is a way on how a government is being open and communicable with its people. It is also the means of accessibility of the public inside the government. Transparency can eliminate the Corruption because the public is involved and knows how the government works. Also, the citizens can estimate the performance of the government and the public officials. However, it is the right of the citizens to view the public records and obligation of the government to become transparent with the public. It is necessary and fundamental to exercise an open government because it builds a

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