Corruption: Transparency To The Government

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Corruption is one of the main problems of a government, but first, what is Corruption? Corruption is where the money was involved, when an authority more specifically the politicians abused their power for their own private interests and benefits. Public officials who act corruptively with their moral obligation to provide service for the government and the public. (Shera, Dosti & Gravoba, 2014) Does developed nations are secured from it? The answer is no, Corruption does not depend on the status of a government or country. Corruption can occur everywhere, whether a nation is under-developed, developing or developed. One effective way to eliminate or minimize Corruption is through implementing Transparency to the government. As described by…show more content…
In particular, corruption scandals that involve the high-level public officials in the countries China and the Republic of Korea caught the attention of the public to stipulate in eliminating the Corruption. (Bhargava & Bolongaita, 2004) Corruption was the major cause of the said crisis and the other were debts. Fons (1998), stated that reconstructing the interbank confidence was the permanent solution for the crisis that necessitate a plausible Transparency. In that case, developed nations such as stated, needs to be maintained and secure its stability. Transparency is the solution for securing the nation’s stability and to prevent corruption from…show more content…
In order to build a developmental nation the government and its citizens must create a healthy relationship. It is not only the government that should exert an effort in running a nation by being transparent. The citizens must perform their civic duties and responsibilities to be able to assist the government to improve. In the government performance system reform in Taiwan, they embolden the citizens to be associated with the performance management mechanism. (Huang, Wang & Chang, 2014) On the important note, it is also a way of preventing the citizens to inculpate the government for everything, since they are engaged in public activities.
As an example, In response to the Korea’s Corruption issue, in August 1999, they began to implement anti-corruption policies and programs as the people yearn for a transparent and Open Government. (Bhargava & Bolongaita, 2004) It was one of the living proof that developed nations are not secured from Corruption. Since one of the division of Korea was considered as a developed nation which is South Korea. On the important note, the citizens of Korea are the ones who driven the government to take an action on the Corruption

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