The Importance Of Government Obligations To Society

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Obligations to Society A government only works out properly if both the government and its people being governed dedicate themselves into building a successful government. Without the individuals being governed, the government itself would be nothing but a bunch of people fighting for power. So, we find ourselves asking what an individuals duty is to the government is and what the governments duty to the individual is. Throughout the years, people have argued this very question. An individuals duty to his or her government is to abide to the laws that are given to them and doing community goods. The governments duty to an individual is treating the individuals equally and providing equal laws for the people. When people from other nations first arrive in another country, also known as foreigners or tourists, they would expect to be treated as if they were at home. A government should always be hospitable towards foreigners no matter what it takes. It is the governments duty to be hospitable towards them, this attracts more people into their country. For example, in La Relacion, Cabeza de Vaca writes about how when he first arrives he expects the natives to be hostile towards him and his men, as any man should expect, after all Vaca and his men were only there because of a shipwreck, they were practically strangers. Instead, the natives turn out to be hospitable and compassionate towards him and his people, providing them with food and shelter. That is an example of
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