The Importance Of Grade Inflation

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Grade inflation is a colossal issue in our nation. It has hit an all-time high in our education system. Grade inflation is awarding higher grades to students that do not deserve the high grade he/she received. It is usually done to help the school maintain its academic reputation, benefit a teacher’s approval rating, or keep a certain ranking. It basically a raise in the average grade given to the students to benefit for someone else’s gain for a bigger purpose. To many student, grade inflation is a great thing. It allows a student who is average appear above average and outstanding. That is great for students who are barely making it the finish line, but what about the students that works their fingers to the bones day and night. The downside to grade inflation is that it makes a truly outstanding student whom is normally awarded a letter grade of an A to be equal to an average student who normally receives letter grades of a B or C. With grade inflation, both students receive A’s and it makes the two seem equal when they are not. This eventually makes it harder for employer, graduates school, or hiring managers in any workforce to differentiate the two from each other. If they both have the same grades, then both are “equal” and “qualified,” when they one is less equivalent to the other.…show more content…
In Phil Primack’s “Doesn’t Anyone Get a C Anymore” and Stuart Rojstaczer’s “Grade Inflation Gone Wild,” both authors are in perfect unison when it comes to grade inflation being the publics denial and private

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