The Importance Of Grammar In Communication

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Most Indonesian people still has problems to use English in well grammar. Certainly, it needs to learn and identify a grammar about how to create a good grammar in communicating. Therefore, by using precise grammar, it will help learners to produce a good communication or tell a clear and good information. Each text of communication created by user has different grammatical items. Nevertheless, it also requires knowledge about grammatical rules to comprehend the text in reading. Savage et al (2010) implies that grammar is the most important part of language skills consist of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Thus, grammar is nucleus of achieving language skills in spoken or written language.
In learning a language skill, it
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Grammar can be resulted by the process of teaching and learning. Students cannot learn grammar without giving grammar teaching before. Thornbury (1999) clarifies that grammar is a study of language what forms the system of sentences. In this respect, grammar has the important role in constructing the system of sentences in oral or written communication. Savage et al. (2010) writes the grammar view as a skill to be prepared in learning EFL or ESL and also explains three roles to reveal the emphasis of grammar view in ESL or EFL. The roles consist of the grammar as an enabling skill, as motivator, and as means of self-sufficiency (Savage et al. 2010). First, grammar as an enabling skill, it views the grammar as a foundation to master skills or develop competency the all areas in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Second, grammar as motivator, it considers the grammar view that the grammar as strong element in language curriculum which makes students motivated to learn it, and also teachers has to motivate in teaching…show more content…
Shizard (2016) writes a definition by Ellis that “acquisition of knowledge about the underlying structure of a complex stimulus environment by process which takes place naturally, simply and without conscious operation”. Indeed, it can be accepted through stimulation of a surrounding environment process naturally, simply and unconsciously to acquire the knowledge. Ellis (2014) defines that the influence of implicitly knowledge acquisition can be attained directly either through the attraction of attention in the use of a certain grammatical form by means of an input-base task or the establishment of a context for the precise expressed and purposed use of a definite grammatical form by means of output-base task. Then, implicit and explicit knowledge are knowledge that oblige learners to achieve the successful language

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