The Importance Of Greed

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Greed has been reproached since antiquity as a deformity of soul that is reserved to the most depraved and myopic of people, the embracement of which wreaks havoc over society and tears its fabric. This view has been further bolstered by the induction of greed into the list of seven deadly sins. But in my opinion, to condemn greed in this fashion would be to do it a great injustice. Instead, one must opt to look at greed as multifaceted, that is to say whether it’s good or bad depends entirely on the frame of reference through which we view it. If we take one that emphasises the emotional ramifications it has on the individual, then negative results will come back; but if we take one that emphasises its impact, by and large, on the development…show more content…
Well, there is no such thing as an explicit greed for power. But every single form of greed, be it good or bad, is about it. Greed is naturally rooted in power, and the latter guides every manoeuvre of the former. To evince power is the supreme objective of greed; the methods of concretely doing so are variable, and I’ve named a meagre few above. Power is the mainspring of all of them; it can’t, however, be the concrete objective itself. This is because it’s abstract, and the world simply can’t indulge directly in the abstract. Instead, power needs a physical vehicle by which it could take form and become noticeable. The physical vehicle in our case is greed in its multifarious forms. I admonish you, thus, to look at power as the aspect that forges all forms of greed, not as a distinct one separate from them. In other words, pure power doesn’t exist explicitly, but implicitly, through the physical forms of greed it embodies and the spirit of domination it engenders through them. Therefore, it would be a mistake to denote the existence of a specific form called “greed for power,” because every single one is fundamentally that; in lieu of that, one must look at power as the ultimate motive of all forms of greed, and the sturdy linchpin that binds them

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