The Importance Of Green Photonics

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Abstract– Today Energy and climate crisis raises many questions about the viability of future products and services. All these must take into account society’s needs, energy challenges and sustainability concerns. Green Photonics has promising potential to be smart, green and social at the same time. The importance of Green Photonics or understanding how optics can be used for applications that help protect the environment is demonstrated in this paper. This paper give an overview of green photonics and also demonstrate the role of photonics in various areas like solar energy production, solid state lighting ,Sensing applications etc. major part of the paper cover the efficient improvement of solar cell using photonic crystal also the future…show more content…
The contribution of photonics is considered "green" because it can generates or conserves energy, reduces pollution, yields an environmentally sustainable outcome or improves public health. The impact of green photonics is not only in solar energy generation and solid state lighting but also in envirment sensing. So it is one of the promising fields in electronics of energy conservation.
Green photonics[1] is a the term used to encompass the application of photonics technologies that can generates or conserve energy cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution or yield environmentally sustainable outputs.
Green photonics cover abroad range of photonics technologies and applications such as photovoltaic electricity generation, high efficiently solid state lighting, new energy efficient communication technologies, optical sensing for improved energy efficiency and reduce pollution and clean manufacturing using laser processing. Over the coming decade, the lighting domain will make a transition from the traditional technology to new digital technologies, built around LEDs & OLEDs, photonic sensors, and built-in
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In spite of the recent recession the overall market demand for green photonics technology is expected to achieve a 2009-2020 CAGR of ~20% on average. These predictions show that green photonics will be a driver for profitable growth and so further stimulate employment. Europe is leading the world in solid-state lighting and photovoltaic technologies, and their system applications. In figure1.1 The European photonics production across the different sectors is shown.

Fig1.1: European photonics production across the different sectors
The exponential growing of photonics has lead to organization such as OIDAC(opto-electronics industry development association) and OSA(optical society of America) organizing special conferences in the area and bringing out specific reports on green photonics also share the opto-electronic market. According to OIDA while the CAGR(compounded annual growth rate) for global optoelectronics is forecast to be 3.4% also green photonics share is forecast to be 19.6%. This result in revenue of $493 billion for optoelectronics components by 2020.

Photonics uses the advanced technology to realize services and high values. But its roots lie in the fundamental source i.e. sun light that enable the life on
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