The Importance Of Green Projects

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As the Chinese proverb says, “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago – the next-best time is today”. Green projects should be given more money by the government. It is because the problems of the environment are very serious. The pollutant is harmful to citizens' health. Also, the government can enhance the image by giving more money on the green projects since this is an international issue. At last, we can save more non-renewable resources and protect the place that we are living in.

Nowadays, many people concern about how to protect the environment. Moreover, the non-renewable resources are almost used by human. Green projects are the way to raise public awareness on environmental protection. For example, plastic bag levy, green
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All of us have the responsibility to protect the world. It can improve the image of our own city. Just like Vancouver, it has been chosen to be the most sustainable and greenest city in the world by the WWF(2011). According to Miller(2014), the adaptation strategy of Vancouver is to put forward ways to limit the impacts of climate change. If the government give more money on the green project, such as, having a large conservation areas, it can be a signature of the city. In Hong Kong, we have Mai Po, which is one of the viewpoints in Hong Kong. Also, having activities, such as Earth Hour can shape the image of environmentally friendly. On the other hand, China, which mainly use coal to provide energy, creates a big problem of smog nowadays. Many countries condemn China. If we do not pay more attention on the issue of environment, our image will turn bad easily. Therefore, green projects should be given more money by the…show more content…
Someone think that there are some issues that are more important than green projects. But if we look more forward, having a sustainable development is the major thing.


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