The Importance Of Greenery In The Cities

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In this essay I am going to discuss the quality of life and what influence greenery in the city has on this quality. I chose this issue because greenery in the cities is becoming more important nowadays as cities are getting bigger by the day. Before discussing the influence of greenery in the cities I first need to explain some issues. Starting with the question “what is quality of life?” The answer to this question is different for everyone. It is certain though that it has to do with several needs of people, such as: health, work, financial/material wellbeing, belonging, personal safety, quality of environment, emotional wellbeing, social relationships and many more of these aspects. The need for these aspects of West Europeans probably differs largely from the need of people in underdeveloped countries. Secondly I want to discuss what is meant by “greenery in the cities”? When we discuss greenery in the cities we refer to all kinds of greenery. Some examples are: parks, sporting fields, stream and riverbanks, greenery ways and trails, community gardens, street trees. These are all examples off public greenery, which is the most important greenery in cities. However there are also private greenery spaces that influence the greenery in the cities. Examples thereof are: back- and front yards, communal ground and the gardens of apartment buildings. The general assumption is that greenery in cities does have influence on the quality of life but how in what way people are

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