Grit Vs Grow Mindset

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Growth with grit is being able to grow with the ability to be persistent and never give up on what can be learned. Grit is a widely discussed topic due to it going hand in hand with education and growth mindsets. This is because educators believe that it will help students further improve. According to many articles involving these two subjects there is a way for children to become smarter faster, and more efficient with either a growth mindset or by being grittier. Grit is the ability to persevere thru a challenge with no side effect of wanting to give up. A growth mindset is the ability to want to motivate yourself to grow and overcome a challenge with everything you’ve learned. Most researchers that research these two subject’s usually mention school children and how some have both or have neither of them and that hinders them from success. Although there is no way to gain grit there is the ability to adapt to a growth mindset through hard work and motivation to accomplish a task. Grit and Grow…show more content…
The ability to persevere through even the toughest challenge is something many people don’t have even though they want to try they just won’t. Grit can overtake talent because people who have grit also tend to keep going even if they continue to fail, that is what makes grit something that helps people who have it. In another article by Evie Blad titled "MacArthur 'Genius' Winner: 'Grit May Matter More Than Talent" Blad argues that grit may matter more than talent, because grit makes you want to preserver whereas talent just gives you the capability to do something a lot easier. She also explains that people can nurture grit with outside forces or insides one’s self. This has led to students getting help from peers in school to help them overcome
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