Goals Of Group Therapy

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The term group therapy can be applied to any kind of psychotherapy that is developed for a group. However, it is most commonly associated with a specific therapy type that makes use of the group dynamic (Group therapy, 2018).

Medical dictionary (The Free Dictionay by Farlex, 2018) states “that group therapy is a form of psychosocial treatment where a small group of patients meet regularly to talk, interact and discuss problems with each other and the group leader”.

The Counselling Department of the University of Iowa (University Counseling Service, 2018) noted that group counselling involves 4 – 8 students meeting with 1 – 2 trained counsellors typically once a week for about 1.5 hours. Group members talk about a variety of issues including exploring relationships, improving self – esteem and enhancing coping skills. Group members share information about themselves and provide feedback to others while group leaders facilitate productive communication in the group.

Counselling Directory (Group therapy, 2018) notes in terms of modern group therapy and group analysis in
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When they compare themselves with other members they are better able see themselves and their behavior more clearly.

 To help with emotional difficulties through feed- back. This enables individuals to learn their own coping methods so they can handle things if and when problems arise.
 To offer a supportive environment speaking with people who are going through similar issues provides mutual support. (Group therapy, 2018)

Group Analysis
Group analysis is a specific method of group psychotherapy that was originated by S. H. Foulkes in the 1940’s.Within group analysis there is a key interest in the relationship between the individual and the rest of the group. The approach used is to improve integration of the individual with their community, family and social

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