Creativity: The Pros And Cons Of Group Work

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More people means more problems. We can not solve these problems with more problems. It is undeniable that group work looks fun. Unfortunately, it is definitely not an influential way to find useful solutions for political, technological, and other important issues like education. According to my point of wiev, group work is just an intellectual deception. It prevents creativity, efficiency and effectiveness from many directions. If we want more productive and successful solutions for all significant parts in our life like policy and science, we have to work individually in order to be creative and efficient.

Creativity is one of the most impoertant factors to produce effective solutions and successful work. Creativity is possible only through
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For example Jonah Lehrer, who is author of the “Groupthink” article, says in his text taht “Although some group conversations will occasionally be unpleasant, that does not mean that they can be avoided. (9)” At this point, I totally disagree with Mr. Lehrer because as I said before even a small disruptive effect on the creative individual can demolish all the work he created alone. These effects can appear to us as uninportant, however, these bad impacts on original ideas can extinguish wonderful ideas. For instance; Max Planck, who invented Planck Quantum Theorem that uncovers the secrets of universe was humiliated by other scientists. Eventually, even Planck started to not believe his own theorem because of other people’s bad impacts. In addition, in the “Introduction: Why so many miscalculations?” article of Irving Janis, he says that “Groupthink is conducive to errors in decision-making, and such errors increase the likelihood of a poor outcome. (10)” He is totally right. Even small mistakes in groupwork can cause big fiascoes because of groupthink. We can see that situation in today’s modern politics. Every error in this area are more likely to create great effect on public opinion. Unfortunately, these effects can be fatal sometimes. Politics is huge area. It can effect all of fields of our lives like health, economy, social life or education. Thus, making decision which will effects society, that decision should be created without chaotic people. I don’t want monarchy but we don’t need unnecessary crowds in our
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