The Importance Of Group Work

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More people means more problems. We can not solve these problems with more problems. It is undeniable that group work looks fun. Unfortunately, it is definitely not an influential way to find useful solutions for political, technological, and other important issues like education. According to my point of wiev, group work is just an intellectual deception. It prevents creativity, efficiency and effectiveness from many directions. If we want more productive and successful solutions for all significant parts in our life like policy and science, we have to work individually in order to be creative and efficient.

Creativity is one of the most impoertant factors to produce effective solutions and successful work. Creativity is possible only through solitude. It is hard to say “creative” to a product which is produced by group work because creativity gets messy when other people’s activities are involved the work. Furthermore, creative people need to be unfettered and comfortable to create original work. Creative souls are delicate creatures, they need solitude to reveal their creativity to the outside World. Research remarked by Susan Cain who is author of the article “The Rise of the New Groupthink” in that article strongly puts forward that human beings are more productive and creative when they can feel privacy and independence from interruption. Most of the original and imaginative individuals in many field are usually introverted. (1) It is obvious that almost all creative

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