The Importance Of Groupthink On Japan

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“The nail that sticks up gets hammered down” This proverb is perfect to explain the Japanese tradition, “groupthink”. Japan is a country where people tend to act or look similar to protect themselves from being the only one. In Japan, people who differ from others will be thought as “KY”, which means not reading the air. Thus, KY became a wicked word that cause Japanese people to be afraid of being alone. Kris Kosaka maintains that “Japan’s reputation as a nation of the group versus the individual is used as a convenient explanation for many things Western dislike about Japan”. The reason is because Western countries have independence, unlike Japan. Groupthink has been a bad influence for Japanese people to believe that group is more important than independence and a bad image of Japan from the outsiders. Japanese people need to avoid groupthink and have more independence in order to solve problems that often occur in Japan. Independence is essential to stop bullying, which is a huge problem in Japan. According to a survey of 38,846 schools in Japan, 22,273 schools have bullying problems (“Reports”). Furthermore, Japan is said to be one of the countries with high suicide rates in the world and the people commit suicide are mostly children and teenagers that were bullied at school. As a result, Japan has been struggling with bullying problems for a long interval. One author describes bullying or what we call Ijime in Japanese as “a picture of an individual who diverges from
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