The Importance Of Growing Up Life

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I am happy that I was given another opportunity to submit additional materials. As I toss in my bed I wrestle with my thoughts, pondering on ways I can improve my application. I was told about the Dr Erling scholarship a day before the deadline, so I had to follow my instinct and write the truth of my challenges I had to overcome. Growing up life was far from easy, in fact I cannot recall many childhood memories like other children can. I was forced to grow up before my time, I was the oldest girl so I had to take care of my younger siblings and helped my parents. At a tender age of six I can recall losing my older brother Bertram to Sickle Cell Anemia, he was my best friend. his death leave a void so I became a loner, which continued for a while and proved detrimental. Also, it left a strain on my parent’s relationship especially my mom. For years after his death she struggled with personality changes and many times she was unpredictable and feared her. This made me assume a big sister role as I was forced to take care of my younger siblings and taking care of the house. My biggest challenge was not taking care of my siblings but finding myself after I was sexually molested at eight years old repeatedly by a man(Junior) who helped my father in his work shop. I was a loner and have a person who I felt safe to confide in so I kept it to myself, after all my parents had their own problems and our relationship was not one I felt open to talk these things with. My abuser made
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