The Importance Of Guam English

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Communicating is one of the most important aspects of human existence. Effectively communicating allows writers and speakers to transmit knowledge and information to others. Everyone communicates through a selected language of choice. English, which is one of the most widely known and understood languages in the world, is one example of how a specific language is used to pass on knowledge and ideas to others. Even though English is understood universally by millions of people around the world, English spoken in different places is unique to that particular location. According to Haidee Eugenio’s article in the Pacific Daily News, entitled, “Researcher: Guam English Unique,” Eva Kuske, who is studying how the English conversed on Guam is distinct, emphasizes that the way in which Chamorros speak and communicate is unique compared to the English dialect used in other parts of the world. (Eugenio and Kuske pp. 2-3) The phonetics, fluency, and incorporation of English and Chamorro words are the three important characteristics that make Guam English unique. First and foremost, the phonetics of Chamorro words is what sets the Chamorro language apart from other languages. For example, the styles in which Chamorros on Guam and Chamorros in Saipan speak are different to the human ear. Chamorros in Saipan speak with a rhythm that almost replicates a song while Chamorros on Guam speak with a more formal and verbal enunciation of words. Moreover, some older generations of Chamorros

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