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The United States constitution states by the 2nd amendment, that all men have the right to bear firearms in order to protect themselves. The gun policy in the US has been widely discussed in broad manners, and after hearing so much from different media outlets, I believe that I am able to make a stand on where I lean towards on this complex subject I do not think fondly of the USA’s gun policy, it has never worked and the whole concept of allowing firearms in a society is a very bad idea. The gun policy fails in every way, and a major problem is that it can be abused by anyone. Without much hesitation, a person can purchase a firearm, which of course is very dangerous. It’s impossible to assess whether or not that person would use the weapon instantly, however, it only takes one bad day, and suddenly that gun could potentially harm countless innocents. Statistics prove that more people have been killed in USA than in Europe by guns, but how come? A main reason to this are the different gun laws in both continents, the US is known for its 2nd amendment, but in Europe there is no such thing. Every country has its own gun policy, and while some countries do allow guns, the death rate by firearms is very low. This proves that it is not only the 2nd amendment …show more content…

If the USA truly wants to avoid future high school shootings without having stricter gun laws a lot must be done. However, in my opinion the number one way to reduce the amount of school shootings is by strengthening the gun law and restricting firearms. The high schools can improve the school security and even hire police officers to patrol the school. I believe that the United States need to do something instead of blaming every negative thing in society, and my main concern is that even with a stricter gun law there would still be violent media, which can drive many teenagers into doing even worse

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