The Importance Of Gun Control In Australia

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In 1996 an Australian man killed 35 people in a massacre larger than any American massacre acted by single gunmen. In the wake of this incident Australia passed super restrictive gun measures and banned any and all automatic, semi-automatic, and pump/regular shotguns. “This resulted in a decline of firearm related homicide by 59% in Australia.” (Margaret Hartmann). After hearing something like that we believe the U.S. should follow in Australia’s footsteps and ban almost all weapons from civilians. Gun control has been a topic of debate since 1837 and has been since. The most popular argument pro gun enthusiasts make is that it 's simply the second amendment and has no business being changed. But there have been 17 amendments since the original ten so adding another would not be unheard of. Also they were written in a time where, “the average gun could maybe fire twice in one minute and the odds of hitting a target 100 yards away was 1/3”. ( …show more content…

It’s when someone decides to use it heinously that people get hurt. You can’t punish everyone for a select few mistakes. ( “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” isn’t a solution. When 68% of murders are committed with firearms than there’s no denying the issue.(National Institute of Justice). The issue that goes right along side guns is the people using them, how are guns seemingly so

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