The Importance Of Gun Control In The United States

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Gun Control Did you know that about a dozen of school shootings have already occured since January 2018? “Statistics show that more Americans want stricter and better gun laws to provide safety for communities and neighborhoods.” (When the People Choose Gun Control). This country has had difficulty with guns and the restrictions that are causing many deaths. Guns in America need to be controlled because children have too much access to guns, there is too many shootings, and gun laws in states are too lenient. Since the American Revolution, the right to bear arms has been an incremental part of the American experience. “The right to keep and bear arms was added to the United States Constitution as part of the Bill of Rights, which was ratified on December 15, 1791” (Gun Control). Americans have the right to have access to guns. The 2nd amendment was only for the states that had the right to arm their own military forces, involving the National Guards Units at first. The second amendment was created because there was no military and they wanted to destroy slave rebellions. James Madison founded the Second Amendment. “Gun rights advocates further maintain that the term “right of the people” in the Second Amendment holds the same meaning as it does in the First Amendment, which guarantees such individual liberties as the freedom of religion and freedom of assembly” (Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection Detroit). Furthermore, this quote explains that people have the right
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