The Importance Of Gun Control-Just Facts

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Guns a Source of Protection and Recreation Gun control is a very contested topic in today’s American society. Most people are very firm on their stance as to weather or not we should be permitted to own firearms. There are over three hundred million firearms in the United States today so this topic will not be going away any time soon (Gun Control-Just Facts). This right should continue to be honored throughout our nation for the sole reason that for all the good they implicit is it contradicted by very little negative. A recent poll of American citizens showed that they owned a gun for one of these three purposes, hunting, target shooting, and hunting (Gun Control-Just Facts). From that poll it can be concluded that most people own a…show more content…
In 2008 there were slightly over sixteen thousand murders in the united states just under eleven thousand of those were done with guns (Gun control-Just facts). There were also five million violent crimes but only eight percent of those involved a firearm (Gun control-Just Facts). Many crimes are committed with guns but another person also stops many with one. A survey of convicted criminals reveled that over forty percent decided not to commit the crime because they knew that the other person possessed a gun (gun Control-Just Facts). From statistics like that it can be concluded that restricting gun control will make crimes more common. A few states have decided that gun control needs to be tightened and they found something surprising. Washington D.C. banned handguns and the murder rate rose seventy three percent other states that have done this saw similar results (Gun Control-Just Facts). People argue that by limiting access to weapons and taking away the right to own firearms crime will go down. In places where that has been done it has not worked and most criminals state that they stole or had a family member supply them with their firearm (Gun Crime is a part of our society that we are not going to get rid of but we can lessen the affects of it if we have more people who carry and are properly trained to use a gun. Guns do not have a good reputation but they offer one of the most sought after affects which to ability for to protect
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