Essay On Gun Control In Campus

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Why there Should be Gun Control on College Campuses Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Why there Should be gun Control in College Campuses Introduction The issue of gun control is a hot button as it elicits numerous debates and controversies and splits opinions among citizens. While one faction feels strongly that allowing people to own guns will lead to increased security and safety, there are yet many others who strongly believe that allowing people to own guns is detrimental to national security as it leads to increased aggression and violence. The issue of gun control has been a topic of national debate for quite some time now. Recently, however, there has been a shift of debate from the national space to institutions of higher learning. As we would all like to think, college is a place of intellectual inquiry and not entirely a platform for individuals to hover around carrying concealed weapons. Nevertheless, there has been a mushrooming of gun rights advocates across the country pushing…show more content…
The various challenges that are inherent in campus life include issues of alcohol and drug abuse, social obstacles, and stress. Adding guns to such an environment is the perfect ingredient for an explosive environment that may increase the safety risk to students and everyone else within the campus. There will be an increase in accidental shootings while the mere presence of firearms in the environment might lead to conflicts among students that may escalate to levels where people are killed (Skorton, & Altshuler, 2013). Even if it is the last option, guns should never be placed at the hands of emotionally volatile young persons such as college students. Doing so will only increase the probability of lethal and near-lethal outcomes from the behaviors that manifests themselves in the context of such
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